Digital Advertising is Hard Work

Like most things in life, a successful digital advertising campaign can be directly attributed to the time invested into strategy, creation and optimization. If setup correctly you are on the right track for scaling your business. If you get it wrong, most of the ad spend will be going to waste.

The best advertisers in the world will spend hours each day going over spreadsheets, analyzing every little campaign performance data with custom methods to determine what targeting data works for them. It’s incredibly manuel and time consuming, but it works. Unfortunately for the majority of businesses, there simply isn’t enough time in a day for that level of analysis. That’s why we built Yaamur.

Software Automation Increases Efficiency and Ad Performance

After years of manual analyzing and optimizing ad accounts for businesses, we feel confident saying software automation makes the work of an advertiser incredibly efficient. The truth is, even most experiences advertisers miss the key insights in the data when the work is done manually.

Yaamur allows advertisers access their campaign data efficiently. Businesses can stay on top of their campaigns with rule based alerts and even have Yaamur do their job by running or pausing campaigns based on pre-set condition based rules. Thus, increasing campaign performance, avoiding wasted ad spend and increase efficiency.

Transparency is Vital

The world of digital advertising often gets a bad reputation since businesses usually don’t have much of an idea if their campaigns are performing at full capacity or the agencies they work with utilize their ad spend to its full potential.

We believe transparency is vital in building successful relations with our customers. Thats why Yaamur’s reporting tools provide real time access to their performance data while having full control of their ad spend.