cross-network reporting and automation software

our focus is connecting small and medium size businesses to their ad performance data so they report, analyze and optimize their their campaigns.

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Automate Repetitive tasks
so you can focus on strategy

schedule reports

automate your regular reporting with web-based or PDF reports that are refreshed and sent out on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.



create flexible and powerful optimization rules with simple if/then logic. with automated rules, you can monitor and control your campaigns based on CPC, CTR and other calculated metrics.



always know how your campaigns are performing by monitoring your accounts 24/7 with triggered email alerts. you can choose from industry standard alert templates in order to monitor your campaigns and get notified when action is needed.



easily visualize and analyze all cross-network display and social ads performance in one report. you can access reporting data for your campaigns or consolidate and visualize all your cross-network advertising performance metrics with the click of a button.


Sit back relax and enjoy better campaign performance.

optimization targeting optimization helps you reach people your targeting wouldn’t reach otherwise. with targeting optimization you can improve your campaign results and increase your return on ad spend.

our algorithm analyzes and schedules your ads to deliver at the most optimal times of the day or week. It also chooses which hours and days to show your ads across social and display ad campaigns.

Budget Optimization
our budget optimization algorithm automatically starts re-allocating the budget among ad channels in order to lower CPC and increase actions taken on the campaigns for greater performance.

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